Don’t give your vote away, make it your own

Ok. I was supposed to watch and review Glenn Beck today, but I couldn’t force myself to withstand that level of crazy two days in a row. No sane mind could handle being Lucky Pierre in a Schutlz/Beck crazy sandwich. So, to bring myself back to a closer level of sanity, I decided to spend the evening watching Dexter. Because, yes, a sociopathic serial killer is more sane than the modern political media.

Besides, I can already sum up my thoughts on Glenn Beck with a clever string a amazingly astute alliterations. Glenn Beck is a conniving, calculating, charismatic criminal. Beck is a devious, degenerate, doting dandily on the depraved. Beck is an evangelical imperialist extorting the eagerly emotional.

I could go on, but I really think the best sum for it is this: Glenn Beck is Ed Schultz, if Ed Schultz was a crackhead that had converted to Mormonism.

Really, America, its time that we started ignoring these guys all together. They are not pillars of sanity, toting heavenly ideology to bring us into a utopia of peace and love. All of these guys are war profiteers. They are riding rich in $100k cars paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of well meaning citizens. They are hate and fear mongers, bottling your own emotions and selling them back to you for a premium.

These guys are the political version of MTV.

In a free market economy, the only leverage you have against those that would exploit you is to stop letting them. If you don’t want to be controlled and manipulated by the media, then stop letting them spoon feed you ideas. You can’t watch them with quiet disdain and a smug since of self righteousness, because watching them invites them into your subconscious. You sit and watch these shows, logically thinking, man, this douche is a total crackpot, but they are wearing you down.

Advertising works for a reason. Its built on psychology, sociology, and the primal needs of the person they are targeting. These d-bags do the same thing.

I’m not saying they have a giant mindcontrol orb that is slowly eating away at your ability to think for yourself, Steve Jobs isn’t giving up the patent on his. I’m just saying that I’ve seen a Darren Brown buy diamonds with blank slips of paper.

Why am I bringing all of this up?

Because the Election is on Tuesday.

Now is the time for you to express your voice in the only way that really matters.

I don’t care if your a conservative or a liberal. I don’t care if you’re a progressive or a fundamentalist.

Fuck, I don’t care if you’re a Nobel Prize winning Scientist or the guy that cleans the gum out from under the table at McDonald’s.

Tuesday is the day that you use your voice to make Washington know what you want in this country.

So, do yourself, and the world, a favor.

Turn off hate mongers and the rightwing-leftwing vile spewers. Spend a little time this weekend on your own, looking at the facts of the votes in your area, and make a decision for yourself.

When you let someone else decide how you vote, you’re loosing what our founding fathers really wanted in a free America.

Also, don’t forget a lot of places will hook you up fat if you have an I voted sticker.. Starbucks is totally one of them.

See you Tuesday.

One thought on “Don’t give your vote away, make it your own

  1. Daniel Woodmansee says:

    Very well said, Matt. Your use of voting can make a difference. When your vote doesn’t, then it is time to find out why.

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