#DailyDoodle – No More Work for this Brain!


Over the course of the year, I’m going to be working on a few larger scale projects. The first of which I am entitling Occupy Matt’s Mind. This little guy is just one piece of dozens I plan to merge together for it. Plus I like his little protest sign.

2 thoughts on “#DailyDoodle – No More Work for this Brain!

  1. Tracy Mangold says:

    I like that, Occupy Matt’s Mind. I like that you have plans and that you are working towards them. I like that you are action. You are the verb my friend! You are! I like his little protest sign too.

    1. Other OMM protestors include a sleeping braincell and a braincell live blogging on his iPhone.
      This project is going to take a long time, though. I hope you guys are okay with seeing several pieces of it over the course of the next few weeks.

      It’s my slow simmer project.

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