#DailyDoodle – Glitter Nuts!

GlitterNutHammerI have been getting a seriously large influx of requests lately on my doodle drawing time. I love it, but the work is starting to pile up. I think I need to figure out a good way to focus on one or two projects at a time.


It’s getting crazy hectic up in the Pro Adult Office these days.


Anyway, the Glitter Nuts are a bit of a shout out to my homey @Chatterbox_Sara (Domestic Type), with my hope that everything goes great for her in the weeks to come!



Oh, and just because I could. I also made a giant pile of Glitter Nuts..



Glitter Nuts..



When you bust them, out pours their sweet, glittering syrup.





I went there.

5 thoughts on “#DailyDoodle – Glitter Nuts!

  1. OH YES YOU DID GO THERE!!! MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I adore you, yes I do!!!!!

    1. Well, once I made the breakthrough purple nuts, it all came so cleanly and sweetly. I was like, YES! YES! THIS IS HOW YOU GROW A GLITTER TREEEEE!


  3. Tracy Mangold says:

    Gah. I missed this! LOVE it! 

    1. I have no idea how you were able to miss this. This is where I learned how to make a special glitter brush for my art.

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