2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 003 – Light

A man in silhouette stares into the light.

This is my #3 Entry in the 100 Drawing Challenge! Join me in playing, won’t you?

Update: As part of my 2018 Better Nerd Project, I have started streaming myself drawing every weeknight on Twitch. I decided to redo the 100 Drawing Challenge to get back in the habit.

Check out the 2018 100 Drawing Challenge to see how I’ve grown as an artist.

3 thoughts on “2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 003 – Light

  1. Tracy Mangold says:

    I really like this, Matt. So many things could be said about this – a story – a poem – a thought. Where is he going? What is he thinking? What is he doing? Love it when a picture does that. 

    1. Questions are far more interesting than answers.

      1. Tracy Mangold says:


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