2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 009 – Drive

Drawing - Matt riding a rocket and waiving a trilby while shouting, "To the moon!"

Day #9 of the 100 Drawing Challenge!

I may have been more influenced by Doctor Strangelove than I care to admit…

Update: As part of my 2018 Better Nerd Project, I have started streaming myself drawing every weeknight on Twitch. I decided to redo the 100 Drawing Challenge to get back in the habit.

Check out the 2018 100 Drawing Challenge to see how I’ve grown as an artist.

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M.A. Brotherton is a writer, blogger, artist, and fat-kid from the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s tasted a little bit of everything the Midwest has to offer, ranging from meth-tweaking rednecks in massive underground cave complexes to those legendary amber waves of grain. When he’s not writing, he spends most of his time screwing around on the internet.

2 thoughts on “2012 – 100 Drawing Challenge 009 – Drive”

  1. Tracy Mangold says:

    You seriously need a comic strip. Love this. This one has such a fun, innocent, imaginative quality to it (not that your other doodles don’t). It’s just that I love that he’s going to the moon. Love it. I’d like to see this one colored and printed. 🙂

    1. M.A. Brotherton says:

      Comic strips require things like work and consistency. That’s the opposite of me.

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