#Doodle: Do Not Censor Yourself

CENSORSHIPI can be pretty self-conscious. I know, that seems like it isn’t true, but trust me it is. It is a strange kind of self-consciousness, too, because it isn’t so much that I worry about what other people think of me (although I do), it is more that I worry about if I’m offending and hurting other people. I think there is a good possibility that this has an adverse affect on my writing.

Despite all appearances, I do actually censor myself most of the time.

I just think I’m really, really bad at it.

I think there is a good possibility that when I am self-censoring that what I’m really doing is cutting out the parts that are witty, humorous and ironic and leaving behind the depravedrantings_side_note rantings of a delusional madman.

Maybe I’m giving myself too much credit. Maybe all I really have are the depraved rantings of a delusional madman.

Still, I think that sometimes I get in my own way and I tell myself that if I say this or that, I might offend someone, or worse let my mom find out that I’m actually a juvenile delinquent, despite my age.

I think this is what holds me back more than anything else as a writer. I self edit. I change my own language to sound less, well, Midwestern and more Worldly, really.

The thing is, I am Midwestern.

I am a Missourian.

I am a Kansas Citian. (Which I want pronounced Kan*sas*See*shan)

I am also vulgar, emotional, and offensive.

These aren’t necessarily good attributes, but they are my attributes.

I need to learn to embrace them a bit better.

To hell with what the world thinks.


(Yes, Dad, I know that you’ve been saying that for the better part of 30 years now. See, I do eventually learn something.)

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