#DailyDoodle – 100 Creatures 17 – HobGoblin

RobinGoodFellow“So, after me goat-dance, I asked her if she

wanted to learn how to ‘Ride the Snake’ if you

know what I mean.”

<p align="right"><em>-Random Satyr</em></p>  <p align="right"><em></em></p>  <p>When I saw “Hobgoblin” coming right after “goblin” on the 100 Creatures Drawing Challenge, I thought, “well, crap, now I’m going to have to learn the difference between the two.</p>  <p>Turns out, it’s pretty simple.</p>  <p>Apparently, “Hobgoblin” is just another name for the the supernatural world’s most famous douchebag, Robin Goodfellow. </p>  <p>A.K.A.</p>  <p>Puck the Douche-y-Douche.</p>  <p>From there it seemed like a pretty good chance to make a “You Know what I mean” joke.</p>  <p>&#160;</p>  <p>Satyriasis is a less commonly used term for Nymphomania. 

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