Daily Doodle – Happy Birthday Sara

Happy Birthday to my friend Sara Rose of Domestic Type.

Happy Birthday


She gets doodles for her birthday because she asks for them.



7 thoughts on “Daily Doodle – Happy Birthday Sara

  1. I could probably name 30 other reasons, but the most important is because I AM YOUR GLITTERY DAMNED SISTER!!!

    1. Shhh.. I’m trying to subtly remind people that I take commissions here.

      1. Oh……………..*crickets* I PAID A THOUSAND BUCKS FOR THIS.

        1. She’s joking… this is a birthday present WORTH a thousand bucks….

          The Father’s Day Commission is what she spent the real moola on… I had to draw like SIX DIFFERENT THINGS!

          There was recoloring and pasting and size scaling involved!

          FOR REAL!

          1. Also, I want to know why you think I have an uncontrollable red-hair-puff akin to a ‘fro? Are you telling me to join the circus?

          2. From pictures of you on your tumblr

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