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I Can’t Win. (R-Rated)

You want to know the truth about the world? There is absolutely nothing you can do to win.

No matter how hard you work your ass off. No matter what you do, the world is going to fuck you.

Not just a little either.

We’re talking full on 50-Shades Bondage fucking. We’re talking 2-Girls-1-Cup.

The world just has a hate-filled hard-on.



I’ve been trying, pretty hard, to get myself stabilized again. I have ruined my credit and destroyed my finances, but I’ve been working my ass off to get caught back up.

I genuinely thought that some of my debtors were working with me.


I had set up payments. More than I could afford, truth be told, to get everything caught up. I was hoping to rebuild my life in five or six years.


I thought it was doable.


Turns out, nothing is doable.

It isn’t fucking worth trying to work with these people.


They don’t fucking care. They don’t want to care. They want to keep you broke, desperate and thoroughly lubed.


I had payments scheduled with one of my debtors. If you follow me on twitter, or managed to see it in my facebook feed before I trashed it, you already know the story.

I make pre-arranged payments set up through a customer assistance support center. It’s a debt collection system without being as debt-collecty as other debt-collectors. I thought I was doing the right thing.


Until they took out a payment EIGHT TIMES as much as they were supposed to take. (8.35 times actually).

And there isn’t really anything I can do about it.


So, I’m screwed and they don’t care.


I was transferred to the wrong call line three times before I got a customer service agent (25% helpful ain’t too bad) that actually stayed on the line with me. Then, after being told there was nothing that could be done, we were both put on hold for over a half hour so that the department we needed could close without refunding my money.


Yes, you read that correctly. They accidently took my money, but they purposefully kept me from getting it back.


Now, there is literally nothing I can do. I’ve filed 2 official complaints as well as bursting into an explosive tirade on social media.


It won’t do any good. Nothing ever does any good in these situations.


You know why?


Because, America, we are so fully and completely fucked.


That’s why.

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M.A. Brotherton is a writer, blogger, artist, and fat-kid from the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s tasted a little bit of everything the Midwest has to offer, ranging from meth-tweaking rednecks in massive underground cave complexes to those legendary amber waves of grain. When he’s not writing, he spends most of his time screwing around on the internet.

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Win. (R-Rated)”

  1. AxiomXIII says:

    Have you contacted your bank and told them that the payment was not authorized and you would like to report it as fraud? They should be able to credit it back to you.

    1. M.A. Brotherton says:

      After much work, I did finally get the refund today.

  2. M.A. Brotherton says:

    I asked a lawyer about it. She advised that credit card companies are good at winning.

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