Chris & Matt’s Poorly Planned Podcast Episode 1 – Snoop Dog Left his ID Here

Episode 1 is going live! Listen while we talk about everything from dirty hippies to comic books and maybe even a surprise look into how horrible we are as human beings.

8 thoughts on “Chris & Matt’s Poorly Planned Podcast Episode 1 – Snoop Dog Left his ID Here

  1. Motrax says:

    Interesting and entertaining… if not slightly verbose.  Sending u a msg about it.

  2. Aw, hambone. says:

    1. I was kind of hoping that you each had a small series of tasks you had to undertake for each podcast and that 1 of them was to take a picture of something. That way you could’ve started out with your dead birds and chrysalides and slowly devolved into snapping shots of your own dicks because you were so poorly prepared and starting to panic and had to make use of whatever was around. And also, that you have to post those pictures. 2. January 4th of 2010 (The last day the Poorly Planned posted a podcast) was the day after my 24th birthday. COINCIDENCE?! Also, half an ounce of effort has told me that his last post was actually January 21st, 2010, and he’s posting from Cerrito Drive, Villages Five, Arizona. Because I’m good at fact-checking. 
    3. Fun Fact: (she typed with her non-dominant hand, which was fully immersed in a jar) if the nation as a whole embraced “organic farming”, we would starve within a week. Growing plants with chemical treatments and raising animals en mass as food resources and McSubstance are all necessary to feed our over-abundance of humans, and that’s not even taking into account the billions of people all over the rest of the world.
    4. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes of this.
    5. What are hand clowns?
    6. CCC should be a recurring thing.
    7. Who is Brittany and why does she just bring you chairs?

    1. 1 – Nonononononono.. That would have required WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more initiative than we were capable of. That is much, much to creative for what we do. What do you think we’re actually good at anything? 

      2 – Well, happy belated birthday! Also….. WE DO HAVE FACT CHECKERS! 

      3 – So, we should embrace “organic farming” and let all the hippies die off slowly and painfully. 

      4 – That’s okay, you didn’t miss anything, I’m sure.


      6 – It’s been like, 6 months, so I’m not sure what  you’re referring to here… I might have to figure that out.

      7 – Brittany is Chris’s imaginary roommate. She did works for us when she was told to because the pimpin hand be strong, and she’s the type of pimp that takes care of the hoes. 


      1. Aw, hambone. says:

        1. …But… it’d be funny. And people like pictures.
        3. Yes. That.
        6. Chris’ Comic Corner. He just flipped through Hack Slash and Gore and tried to talk about them without giving away spoilers. It was awesome.

        1. 1 – Yeah… We should probably try to be better at stuff, but we’re not very good at things.

          6 – IT was supposed to be a regular segment, but Chris stopped buying comics in favor of spending all of his money on liquor and pills.

          1. Aw, hambone. says:

            6- It’s hard to argue with logic like that.

  3. JK Runnings says:

    Listening to this, I’m actually rather curious to hear how it changes as I listen. I have something else to do in my free time!

    1. I can all but assure you that if we do nothing else, we will continue to waist your time.

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