Choices is now an Audiobook!

Today is a very good day. I have accomplished a goal I set for myself several years ago. Well, I can’t take too much credit for it. My incredibly talented narrator, David Loving, did the hard work.

When I first discovered Audible and fell in love with audiobooks, I knew one thing I absolutely wanted to do in my life was to have a book I wrote turn into a Nottingham book. Last February I made it a personal goal.

As of 12:30 PM in the Mountain time zone on April 25, 2017, I have achieved that goal.

Choices: Book One of the Seven Keys Saga is officially available on Audible.

Choices Audiobook Cover

This is a pretty big milestone for me. I could say here all day and brag. Just keep telling you about how great it is to accomplish this goal.

Or, I can give you a little taste:

That doesn’t that make you want to listen to the entire book?

You can. You can get it now on Audible. I guarantee you will enjoy David’s performance. I sure as hell did.

I won’t keep you. You’ve got a lot of listening to do.

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