Category: My Stories

  • Business As Usual at Olicratic Galactic Convention: A Chase MacTarvish Report

    Business As Usual at Olicratic Galactic Convention Chase MacTavish reporting, 3rd Krams, Risork I don’t want to be here, but I don’t have any choice. Two hundred years ago, a bunch of drugged up apes living on a mud ball fired a missile into the cosmos and accidentally encountered talking slugs. They spent two decades […]

  • Crafty – A Magical Short Story

    The two-story Victorian stood on the corner. Both lots beside it were empty. The sun burned bright overhead. There were no trees. And yet, it was still somehow bathed in constant flickering shadows. A black cat sat on the porch banister, eyes flickering back and forth in time with the twitch of its tail. “You […]

  • Subject #62186

    Dr. Hammond sat on his bed and stared at the digital clock on the wall above his computer screen. Each second stretched out into an eternity, the slow revolving movement of abstract time drawing him in with its beautiful simplicity. 603,900 seconds since his last interaction with a living human. A mere 900 more until […]

  • The Dark – A Short Story

    A man sits alone in the dark. An open bottle of whiskey sits propped against his feet. The visions still come, no matter how much he drinks. Each arrives on its own schedule, riding a wave of nausea and agonizing fire. It’s more than he can take, and he knows it will never end. He […]

  • Questions and Trees

    The sounds of villagers haggling over the price of fresh fish and fruits filled Yari’s ears as he made his way through the bustling market. He kept his eyes on the ground in front of his feet, trying to block out the noise as he repeated the list again and again in his mind. Years […]

  • There Is A House: A Vingette

      There is a house on the corner of two broken streets. The white paint is chipped and peeling. The shutters faded, hanging loose, and battered. The roof lacks shingles and the windows are cracked and broken. Three stories tall and half-a-block wide, the house is older than the town itself. It was there when […]

  • Fireworks: A Work of Flash Fiction

    Explosions lit the sky with brilliant balls of fire. Dazzling displays of red, green, and purple sparks raining down in crackling light reflected back up by the river. Each new blast perfectly timed to match the echoing concussion of the symphony below. But, Sam didn’t notice any of it. He couldn’t stop himself from staring […]

  • 3% – A Short Story

    Riding the grid is a lot like deep meditation. You let your mind wander, not really thinking but not completely unaware, either. Both can be incredibly relaxing. Both can lower your blood pressure and provide your body with rest in your mind with renewed focus. But, meditation can’t recharge my implants. Which is why it […]

  • Stormy Dreams: A Short Story

    Thunder shook the house, buzzing the windows and shaking the pictures in their frames. The wind picked up, howling through the chimney. Thick black clouds hung on the horizon above empty, dusty fields. The first big storm of the year, ready to turn the thick dust back into fertile soil. Rain was scarce the last […]

  • For a Few Chips: A Short Story

    From my vantage point in the abandoned garage across the street, the single-story ranch house looked almost mundane. The faded green paint, chipped siding, and one broken shutter belonged to the suburban landscape. If it wasn’t for the three charred corpses impaled on fencing posts along the front yard, I can almost imagine it before […]