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HalfDrunk Podcast – Episode 6 Illegal Immigrants from Beyond the Grave

This week Chris and I have some serious issues to sort out. Most of them stem from the fact that he’s drunk and I’m drinking something called Nero Sonic, which I thought was a vitamin water, but turns out to be Tang mixed with meth.

So, tune in for what could possibly be our worst podcast ever, or best, depending on how you swing at things.

Also, follow us on twitter: @MABrotherton and @Yeti_Detective, and you can win the prize of seeing our increased hilarity. You love the funny, don’t you.

PS: We’re not afraid to beg you to tell your friends to listen, because we want you to all know how horrible we are as human beings.

HalfDrunk Podcast Episode 5 – Gravity is Man’s Greatest Enemy

Today on Half Drunk Podcast Chris and I get angry over everything from tribal mentality to buying Chinese Slavery produced electronics. We also talk about a few current events like the OWS guys filing a restraining order against the city of New York and how big an asshole Frank Miller can be when he gets drunk and watches Fox News.


Stick around and enjoy the zaniness because we’re just getting warmed up.


This isn’t your Mom’s podcast, it’s Half Drunk Podcast.

Half Drunken Podcast – Episode 4 – Slutty Virgin Mary

Against the better judgement of the internet, Chris and I are at it again, podcasting live from our secret base in Kansas City. On today’s episode we talk about a wide variety of topics from the first successes of the Occupy Wall Street Movement to NaNoWriMo.

We also solve the National Debt crisis and complain about teacher’s making too much money… or do we.

Check it out and let us know how awesome we are, or aren’t, your call.


Taco Tuesday: The Podcast – Episode 3: We are not funny. Or Informative.

Taco Tuesday: The Podcast

Episode 3: We are not funny. Or Informative

Another Tuesday has come and gone and another Podcast is now live.

We talk about a variety of social and cultural things ranging from videos of Goatse to good old American Values.


Matt & Chris

PS: Comment below and let us know what you think, or we’ll keep doing this.

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