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  • Why I Need More Me Time #AugustMoon14

    I’ve been having a hard time this week. Between the rampant depression bandwagon and my home state ticking away the last seconds on its time bomb countdown, I’ve been distracted. I’ve had a hard time writing. I’ve had a harder time sleeping. Its’ been crap.   When I started this blog a few years ago, […]

  • I explain Amazon v Hachette so you can Shut Up about it on Facebook Already

    I wasn’t going to ever write about the Amazon-Hachette issue, or rather, non-issue. I wasn’t going to add my voice to the thousands of bullshit artists out there trying to keep a story going when it should have been dead and buried a long time ago. But, now, it keeps popping up on my Facebook […]

  • Unaccompanied Sonata And The Dystopian Movie Genre – #GuestPost by @ElizEckhart

    The dystopian film and novel genre has become increasingly popular as of late. It seems as if audiences are both terrified and intrigued by the notion of a world not too far from their own, yet lacking the government restraints they have now. Perhaps this is because of the the widespread fear most people harbor […]


      Amazon | Kobo | Google | Smashwords IT BEGINS… 65 Million Years Ago, Dinosaur kind took to the stars to avoid the disastrous new Ice Age. They abandoned the Earth to the mammals, a still tiny, primitive, and weak classification of creatures. They went out into the deep corners the universe and conquered it. […]

  • My First (Literary) Love

    I was listening to Episode 5 of the To-Be-Read Podcast tonight coming back from my writing session.  If you haven’t checked out TBRP yet, you should. It’s a pretty nice change from the usual writer-podcast. Instead of talking (too much) about their own work, they talk about what books they are reading and enjoying from week […]

  • Good Bye, Sweet Friend…

    I’m just going to put this out there:   Deer can all collectively eat a dick. Hunters, feel free to hunt them to extinction.   As you may recall, I was recently involved in an altercation with one of these douchebags of the animal world. He, in his selfish need to commit suicide, jumped from […]

  • Weekend of Lifetime Setbacks

    The worst thing about hitting a deer is the knowledge that there is absolutely nothing you can do to not hit the deer.   How was your weekend? Mine was… well, long and full of heartache. I decided to launch Fallout this weekend, without stopping to think about the fact that no one ever buys […]

  • I Feel Bad for the New Puppy

    You may or may not know that my family recently adopted a new dog. She’s a laid back little mutt named Gretchen, and she’s a good dog. She’s got all the right doggy moves. She has the tail-wag, they happy pant, and even the whiny-yawn. She’s a great dog that is perfect for my parents. […]

  • Alone in the Night – A Thankful Prayer One Year Later

    One year ago Monday (that’s June 30th, 2014 for those reading in the distant future), I wrote a blog post called Alone in the Night – A Prayer. It was a series of short prayers about the direction my life seemed to be going in. It came at the end of close to six months […]

  • Lessons from Jim Butcher (#SkinGame #Spoilers Ahead)

    Lessons from Jim Butcher A Spoiler Laden Skin Games Review I just finished Skin Game by Jim Butcher.  And, Wow, WOW, WOOOOOOW! Seriously, Wow. I often cite Jim Butcher as one of my major influences as a writer. Though I definitely have a duality to myself as a writer, I consider my “serious work” to by my […]