Buying Clothes Without Breaking the Bank

Buying clothes is a pain in the ass for everybody, but it’s worse if you fall outside the “normal” size range. Most stores don’t carry our sizes and the ones that do charge extra for “extended sizes.”

We’re never going to get away from the box-store plus-size fees and I will never buy a shirt from the Gap, but there are plenty of places I can get quality clothes.

Big Guy Stores

The easiest places to start are the fat guy clothes stores. The prices aren’t horrible. They’re on par with places like Bannana Republic

I like Kingsize Direct. I’ve bought clothes there for several years. They fit well, hold up over time, and the prices aren’t insane.

I’ve been pretty happy with KS so far, but I’m always looking for some new deals and other options.

Options are good.

Rare Deals on Amazon

Amazon can be a risk. Sizing isn’t very consistent across the brands and I’ve bought duplicates of the same item and had them have different sizes.

The reviews are helpful here. Do more research.

Amazon also has killer return policies. So, if you get something and it doesn’t fit, you can ship it back for free with a full refund.

You’re usually okay if you’re buying clothes with actual measurements. 4XL might differ from brand to brand, but 56 inches is 56 inches.

Don’t Neglect the Big Box Stores

You can buy all of your clothes from clothing stores. You could use a folding pocket-knife to cut your hair.

From personal experience, I wouldn’t suggest it.

Socks, underwear, undershirts and most other essentials can be picked up at pretty much any big box store up to some big sizes.

If I’m going to spend more than $4 on a pair of boxer briefs, it will need to clean my apartment for me.

If you keep your eyes open, you can find great deals in other clothes, too.

Wal-mart, K-mart, and Target are your best bets. You can also look at the more expensive box stores, like Kohl’s.

Thrift Shops

I’ve never found clothes at a thrift shop. Ever.

I wanted to bring them up because I see the advice all the time. That, and Mackelmore song.

Hit a thrift store but don’t rely on them. If you do find a piece, do a victory lap. You win!

Other Places

The quest never ends. I’m always looking for new places and deals. My frugality and my desire to be dapper are often at odds, so the journey continues.

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