Summons: Book Three of the Seven Keys Saga

Summons: Book Three of the Seven Keys Saga
Series: Seven Keys Saga, Book 3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Short Novel
ISBN: 9780996010849

All Terry Howard wanted to do was show his apprentice a good time, but when you're spending the weekend at the world's first magical convention things are bound to go wrong.

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About the Book

Time to Answer the Summons

Terry Howard, Acolyte of the Order of Midnight, has big plans. He wants to give his apprentice Chad a chance to celebrate for once in his life and a weekend spent elbow-to-elbow with other members of the magical community at the first ever Magicon in Kansas City seemed like the perfect chance.

Things get complicated when Terry’s mentor, Stanley, adds a big announcement to the mix. An announcement someone doesn’t want made.

Figures from the past show up. Secrets get revealed. Decisions get made.

Now, Terry must find a way to reunite with old friends, stop new enemies, and deal with the Summons.

About the Seven Keys Saga

Discover the World of the Seven Keys through the eyes of College Drop-out and Professional Mage, Terry Howard. Terry is struggling to find his place in a world suddenly free of the Six Orders’ collective thumb. He’s spent his entire life in the rigid hierarchy of the magical world, and has no idea how to interact with mundane society. 

Fortunately for him, he has a few friends willing to put up with his crap long enough to help him out. 

From his Roommate David, an empathic healer with a strange sense of humor to his friends Suez and Gabriel, an unconventional couple that brings an entirely new meaning to opposites attract, he’s go no shortage of support. 

But will all of it be enough for him to answer his calling, come to terms with his own past, and find a  better place in a world he wasn’t meant to live in?

He sure hopes so.

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