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#30DaysOfThanks – Snow Trucks

snow-plowSome of you live in places that don’t have snow. Some of you live in places that only have snow. We in Missouri with our constantly changing weather that can jump from 90°F on one day to -30°F the next call those places, “Easy Mode Land.”

Winter hasn’t really hit us here, yet. (Global Whatnow?) It just turned cold for the first time this year, but now that the cold has snapped, it will just keep coming back until the Day-Ball nukes it with a massive, life threatening heat wave in mid-May.

That’s right, our weather fluctuates on a near daily basis, but it does tend to trend cold in winter and hot in summer. Of course, unlike you easy mode living people, we get to deal with deadly freezing and deadly heat waves.

This makes us mighty.

Still, I drive a Ford Focus, and now, I live, literally, in the middle of No Where.

(Seriously check a Map, people!)

A couple of years ago, weather meant nothing to me. I had 4 wheel drive and a 4 mile round trip commute. Now, though, I have a tiny little sedan and a 30 mile one way commute. Oh, and it’s all on the highway. (The soon to be INTERSTATE even). I need my roads clean. Missouri has a giant army of sleepless road cleaners to come to our rescue, though, and for that I am thankful.

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