Day 26 – A Song You can Play on an Instrument

It is a little known fact about me that I used to play the Clarinet. This generally comes as a surprise to anyone that has known me for a while, because I very much lack any form of musical talent, or rhythm… or the basic eye hand coordination required to not poke my own eye out with a spoon while eating soup. In fact, I even make the joke pretty often that all of the musical talent that seems pretty prominent in my family just flat out skipped me. It’s sad really, because I love music.

I’m okay with that. I just assume that means my little brother got a double dosage of musical talent, and thanks to that, there will one day be a rock star in our family that I could potentially mooch off of if I needed to.

Of course even though I haven’t played my Clarinet in close to 15 years now, I still remember some of it, and have here and there over the years applied that to playing Recorder, which is played very much like a clarinet.

I have a couple of songs I can bust out on that thing, but of course, the one that I can play the best is pretty simple:

Yes, he’s better than I am.

I do, of course still have a goal of learning to play the harmonica, if for no other reason than to complete my “John Popper” Halloween costume.

Maybe I can get my little Bro to teach me.

One thought on “Day 26 – A Song You can Play on an Instrument

  1. Ahh, yes the clarinet. We discussed this on Twitter a while back, I believe. I too played the clarinet and it was the instrument that I was known for in my town. I also play piano but the clarinet was my first love. I was supposed to go into music. Had a great audition for college – got into high honors band and high honors theory and then I didn’t go – parent’s divorce derailed all that and I let it. I haven’t played in so long now – my embouchure is gone. It saddens me and when I do pick it up to play, I get frustrated because I lack the dexterity I once had and the fact that I let it go- makes me want to kick myself…. Music is such a wonderful gift…and clarinetists – rock. 🙂

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