30 Day Song Challenge Day 06 – Songs that Reminds You of Somewhere

I generally associate music more with what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with than where I’m at, but there are always songs that bring back some pretty huge memories.


Give me fuel, give me fire, make me work in a 4 story dutch oven. The year ReLoad came out, I spent the summer working in the warehouse where my dad worked. A 4 story building with 3 foot thick concrete walls sealed to the outside world, it was the dirtiest, hottest place in existence. I suppose it still is, I just don’t have to go over there any more. I work in the air-conditioned office now.


I know what you’re thinking, “Avril Lavigne, do you purposely show us you have the worst taste in music ever!?” Well, back in the day, I had an apartment that I shared with one of my best friends and for some reason we decided to collect AMVs (Amateur Music Videos) instead of MP3s for our musical needs. This video is actually the one I remember the best from back then, and it always reminds me of how my roommate and I used to sit at this little square folding table with two computers on it and spent hours playing games on the internet and talking to each other through instant messenger instead of with words.

Like anyone needed more proof that I’m a socially inept geek.


It doesn’t actually have any direct connection, but I think the fact that this song comes from the Scorpion King Soundtrack and has kind of fantasy epic music video to go along with it really spawns the feeling of being out on the farm and beating the living crap out of my friends with foam weapons. Of course, being out there is probably my favorite place in the world, so there are loads of songs that make me think about it.

Because, it’s just that awesome.

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