Follow Style, Not Fashion

I like fashion. I like the art and craftsmanship of unique pieces. I’m not an expert. I’ll never be invited to New York Fashion Week, but I can appreciate it it for what it is. Art made into clothing.

And, it is art. It is meant to be enjoyed, to provoke emotions and express creativity and skill. A fashion show should be enjoyed the same as a gallery exhibit or a poetry reading.

Fashion is ephemeral, existing in one moment and expressing one vision from one artist.

It is set in time and context. Changing as the artists who create it grow, evolve, and experiment. Fashion exists for the same reason as sculpture. An artist sharing a piece of themselves with the world.

Fashion is not style.

Style is personal and timeless. It endures.

Everyone has their own style—like fingerprints or retinal scans. Your style belongs to you and you alone.

It is a decision you make. How you present yourself to the world. It goes beyond clothes. Style is the way you live your life. 

Knowing your style lets you make choices. 

What do I wear? How do I act? Which piece of furniture goes in my living room? Is it better to spend $20 on vinyl dolls and t-shirts or fanc socks and ties?

It is a roadmap created by your tastes and priorities. 

And you are the cartographer.

I enjoy fashion. I like the art and appreciate the skill involved in creating something new and wonderful from scratch.

But, I don’t chase trends. I don’t let fashion dictate my style. You won’t see me wearing a bro romper. 

Because, I know who I am.

I wear a tie to work and tucks my t-shirts into my jeans.

I wear suspenders instead of a belt and feel weird when I don’t have either.

I like my vinyl dolls and don’t mind admitting they are dolls. 

And, I won’t worry about feeling overdressed or being peer-pressured into untucking my t-shirt because wearing your t-shirt tucked into your jeans isn’t cool. 

Because, maybe I’m not cool. But, I’m me.