It’s Time for a Change

I know I said I would wait until the end of the month to change up how I post on the blog, but I’ve decided that was stupid.

I’ve gotten to a place where I have a backlog on some topics but others need deep rectal mining. It takes time to write a blog post. Time I’d rather be spending on writing fiction right now.

I won’t quit blogging. I love blogging. But, I need to better manage the few hours I have each night.

I work on my newest project until suddenly; I realize it’s almost bedtime and I don’t have a post for the next day.

This isn’t a problem when I have a list of article ideas for that day’s topic. I have quite a few pre-researched. All I have to do is add the words.

But, I can’t put thought and planning into a post when my mental booster engine is running on fumes.

It isn’t fair to you. You deserve a well-written blog post full of wit and charm—or at least what passes for wit and charm in my writing. I shouldn’t give you a half-assed post.

So, instead of quantity, I will try for quality.

I will take tomorrow and Thursday off.

That means no “What’s Up” or “Top 9” posts this week.

I would take Friday off, too, but I’ve already got it written.

Starting March 20—that’s next Monday—I will post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Music Monday will continue for at least another 28 weeks. I’ve got that many planned.

Fat Guy Friday isn’t going anywhere. I’ve considered starting a blog around just that content, but I don’t have the time for it. I’m considering making it my end-of-the-year non-fiction project, though.

What’s Up Wednesday will become Wildcard Wednesday.

Every other week will be an update on my projects—how far I am, if something is about to be released, how many cans of Monster I had to consume to get there—the basics.

On the off-week, I’ll write whatever I damn well feel like. I’m the boss of me!

That’s the plan. I was going to keep on trucking until April, but why procrastinate?

I’ll see you Friday when I talk about where Fat Guys can buy clothes without spending a bazillion dollars.

Quick preview: It ain’t easy.