Entertainers, Politics, and Ideology

I wear multiple hats as an independent author. I have a writer hat, a blogger hat, a business hat, and an angsty self-indulgence hat. I have to play all the roles myself. I might as well be Eddie Murphy as often as I’m changing costumes up in here.

In the end, my goal is world domination to fill the gaping hole in my soul to entertain.

Which, I suppose, creates a moral dilemma. One the writing community argues about on a regular basis.

How do we handle sensitive subjects?

There are two schools of thought:

  1. Why alienate part of the market if you don’t have to
  2. I don’t want their skeazy money, anyway

These are decisions everyone has to make for themselves. They’re easier for some of us than others.

It’s pretty easy for me.

I’ve never been secretive about my political agenda. I’m very open about my campaign to become Earth’s first pharaoh.

Ambitions to be the world’s god-king aside, I also don’t shy on my politics in my stories.

If how I voted offends you, chances are my books are going to really chive your onions.

It doesn’t change how I feel about politics on social media, but I’m not going to shy away from them either.