My Brain Might Be A Little Wacky

My Brain Might Be A Little Wacky

A funny thing happened at work recently. I was introduced to Gregorc Learning Styles by a colleague.

For those of you unfamiliar with Professor Gregorc’s work, the idea is simple. There are four basic ways a human brain processes information, especially when learning. They are split by combinations of two axes, Abstract/Concrete and Random/Sequential.

The Abstract-Concrete quotient tells you how you see information–as either hard facts and physical data or concepts and ideas. The Random-Sequential side tells you how you connect information, one fact or idea at a time or as a giant pile broken Legos ready to be put together.

After being introduced to the new concept, I, of course, took the Learning Web test linked above and found my particular brain pattern:

Matt's Brain on Gregorc Learning Styles

My colleague, an actual Doctor of Sociology (She has a Ph.D.) told me my brain was… unusual.

She’s been a little intrigued with my obsessive need to fill my brain with all of the world’s information for a while now and thinks this test was a great milestone in understanding how I function.

Sidenote: I’m 85% sure she is writing a psychological profile of me in an attempt to prevent me from ever destroying humanity. I might be wrong, but…

What I learned was pretty interesting. Apparently, most people strike very high on one style and average pretty much across the other three. I am the opposite of that. I score very low (I got a 12) on one score and am within 8 points on all of the others.

So, this explains why my blog posts don’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m just not wired to make logical connections in the real world.

To paraphrase Dr. Colleague, “This explains your superpower.”

Wait, I should probably explain my super power because I’m not sure I ever have here on the blog.

I know everything… as long as it is completely useless information.

Let me explain: My brain is a giant sponge of Akashic Records-esque proportions. I pull facts in from every area of the entire universal knowledge and can spout them at any given time, as long as knowing the information in no way benefits myself or anyone around me.

Dr. Colleague says my funny chart explains that. Apparently, Concrete-Sequential is the brain type that can use information stored inside it. I guess to be able to recall information, you need to have some sort of actual way of making it make sense. I don’t possess that for concrete facts.

I don’t possess that for concrete facts.

So, there goes my Jeopardy! hopes. 

At least, I have gained some understanding about what my brain is and how I function in the world (If you can call what I do functioning).

I like to think of it more as existing as a cautionary tale…


Anyway. Have a safe and happy winter (or summer you Southern Hemispherians) celebratory feasting. I’ll see you next week with an important update about my toenail health.