It’s Cold… and Star Wars

Conclusion: Temperatures below 10°F are unnecessary.

Supporting arguments: BRRRRRRRR!

It’s been cold and snowy here in Montana, which, despite what you might believe, is unusual. See, in my experience, winter in Montana is either freakishly cold or snowy. They don’t really go hand to hand. Believe it or not, the Helena Valley is pretty close to being a desert, so we just don’t get much in the way of snow.

But, that was before. Now, now we are encased in a Hoth storm much more familiar to me. It’s almost like being in Missouri again… minus the knowledge and equipment necessary to play a freakin’ road.

I’m not going to let it get me down, though. I can’t be bothered by cold and snow. I have things to do. Jedi to see.

So, I will soldier on and go forth into the frozen world.



Please pray I don’t get attacked by a wampa.