I Found the Greatest YouTube Series Ever

Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve had to look for alternative forms of entertainment to traditional television. Mostly, this has been a mixture of Netflix, CBS.com, and staring aimlessly at walls. Then, I remembered that entertainment is better when it was created by random creative types from all over the world…

Aaand I started watching YouTube videos.

Of course, a few hours into that thought process, I remembered that I was wrong, and entertainment is best when it is made by professionals who have eschewed the greed and formulaic corruption of modern Hollywood in favor of their own genius.

Then I slapped myself for being a pretentious butt-wad and just enjoyed some things I found on the internet.

Which brings me to my amazing and wonderful discovery:

Adam Ruins Everything


This is a series of clips from the television show of the same name, spun off of the web series of the same name.

Yes. Web Comedy types are now making television shows. Thank you, internet. May your bounty never cease to be awesome.

Anyway, the entire series is Adam Conover challenging the assumptions of most people with things like facts.

He’s basically my internal monolog. This is what I feel like 100% of the time.

Knowledge is Fun! (Also Power. POWER. POWER!)


But, I digress…

If you are looking for a good way to increase your brain goos, this show is entertaining and full of information that will make you slightly less stupid.

We can all stand to be slightly less stupid.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m off to stream audiobooks, podcasts, and Udemy courses straight into my brain at exponentially greater speeds in the hopes that learning enough will allow me to develop telekinesis.