The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and My Way of Blogging

The Right Way, Wrong Way, and My Way of Blogging

Once upon a time, I blogged every day. I blogged without hesitation. I blogged without struggle. Hell, I often blogged without thinking.
I just popped open the window and knocked out a couple-hundred words about whatever came to mind. I enjoyed it. I never stressed about it. I liked what I was doing.

Those were simpler times, filled with internets and memes.

I’m not entirely sure I miss it.

I did, however, miss two weeks in a row of Thursday updates. I don’t have an excuse for this. I’m just a slacking loser who deserves nothing but your contempt and ire.

From its conception, I’ve never really known what I was doing with this blog. I don’t know what it is supposed to be about. I don’t know why I write it.

I just do.

There are established rules for successful blogging. You’re supposed to pick a niche topic, spend several months building yourself up as the ultimate authority in that narrow, specific topic, and then create some sort of digital product you can sell for $97.97.

I’m probably never going to achieve steps 2 and 3 because my bloggy brain actively rebels against step one.

To paraphrase Bogart, there are three ways to blog:

  • The Right Way
  • The Wrong Way
  • and, My way

As long as I do things my way, I’ll blog along fine.

For the first few years of this blog, I pretty much let other people tell me what I should write about. That’s not even a joke. This blog started as a response to #Reverb10, a blog prompt initiative.

Here it is five years later, and I’m still trying to follow someone else’s lead.

I have put a lot of my own personal journey into the words on this website. I’ve been open and honest about my emotions. I’ve been a little too honest about the people around me. I’ve admitted freely to being too immature to ever actually be considered an adult, despite all of the achievements I’ve stumbled into.

It has been a hell of a ride.

What? Hell, no! I’m not shutting down the blog. The entire point of all of this was to distract you from the fact I skipped two weeks of updates.

I promise I’ll be better in the future. I like blogging. I intend to do it more often.

I just can’t promise the posts will actually be about anything or make sense.

If you’re still cool with that, grab some pizza rolls and pinot noir. Things are about to get crazy up in this mug.