Experimental Gibberish #NationalPoetryMonth

Today’s poem is brought to you by spouting gibberish into my microphone and seeing what Dragon Dictate comes up with. It is an experiment, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree it was a failed experiment. I think using dictation software on poetry is probably still a good idea, but probably not just shouting random gibberish.


That shit takes artistry.



Experimental Gibberish

Fancy Pants.
Country Miller.

Nona down on the end,
you know everything,
ignoring it all.

You come in before him
and his family only knows.

I will know. 
We will know.
In the end

Come again,
Visiting you.
Things you will never see. 

The eyes watch out
Here comes the government

I know what to keep.
I know what I’m doing.
I will send them an email.



For those of you who are curious, here is the transcript picked up by my microphone:

Thumpy Thumpy, Bouncy, Bouncy, New headphones Fancy panty County bouncy Miller, Nona down the end you know everything without ignoring all
you come in down before him and his family only knows, I will knowwhat we know in the end there will be visiting you come again in the things you will never see eyes watch out here I come the government  I know that I was to keep I know what I’m doing  I was billing and liver disease,  then down and out  going around and around  and found it  I will send them  an email and around