National Poetry Month – A Sonnet about Sonnets

Today’s poem is the mighty sonnet.
Strictly rhyming lines and syllable rules
Can be added to a good writer’s tools,
And you should never look down upon it.

When I first learned the art of the verse
I studied Shakespeare, Milton, and others.
They sat their structure above another’s.
The lack of credit, da Lentini’s curse.

Sonnets can be fun or quite serious.
Across Europe the flavors may vary
And Keillor’s words are law on the prairie
Though his math makes purist quite furious.

Thank you for reading my stupid ass rhyme
Come back tomorrow, I’ll see you next time.


I can almost assure you all that certain people I know–people with poetic talent–are plotting my execution.


Also, why does my sonnet read like a limerick?


Lack of talent, I suppose.