I’m Making Tacos!

Since I’m relegated to the kitchen, forced to wait as frozen hamburger slowly turns into edible chunks of brown flesh from red chunks of gross, I figured I would write a blog post. It’s February. You guys know what February means to me, right? That’s right. The curse month. Of course, having taught myself the dark rituals necessary to make the curse my bitch, I sometimes now forget that it is still the darkest and most terrifying time of year…

Or is it? I really don’t have anything to complain about so far this year. After Choices went free in January, over 200 people downloaded it, and several of them went on to purchases Fallout, Summons, and Tragedy. It actually became a record month of sales or me, which makes it hard to suffer from some sort of Valentine’s-induced “why won’t you just love me?” depression.

Now, before I let you think I am admitting that the series of extremely unfortunate events, coincidentallty always happening in February, is some sort of mental projection created by my own madness… know this:

It is extremely unlikely that my mental state lead to being robbed or having my house burn down…. so there.

I still blame it on that time I hit that gypsy woman with an errant water balloon while walking under an open ladder next to a shattered mirror and being stalked by a black cat.

You can’t make that kind of bad luck up…. #ShiftyEyes

Anyway, my hamburger is mostly brown now, so I’ll get back to making delicious, addictive tacos. The kind of tacos that make you so jealous your head explodes.

Damn. I love me some tacos…