School Supplies and Creative Genius #AugustMoon2014

School Supplies and Creative

What do you love?

There are a lot of things I love. I love pizza rolls. I love video games. I love the feeling of socks straight out of the dryer. Seriously, that’s the fifth best physical sensation a person can feel. Of course, I’m a broken and damaged person, so my go to list of things I love is all objects. That’s okay. There are abstracts, too.

I love the feeling of jumping down stairs. I love that I was able to run from the basement of my building to my car, in a hail storm, without having a heart attack. I love the feeling of getting hit with a boffer sword, and I love the feeling of smiting the crap out of people that are definitely more talented and skilled than me on the battlefield. I love that warm sense you get when you’re sitting around a camp fire with truly amazing friends at midnight, nursing a glass of wine and telling the same stupid stories over and over again.

I love a lot of things.

I’ve been trying to cut out some of those things. Trying to make myself mentally and physically healthier. So, yeah, I’m not eating pizza rolls anymore.

But I do have another addiction. It’s a deep, desperate addiction. One I don’t think I can ever break.

I like to buy composition books during School Supply Season.

You see, this time of year, as the kiddos head back to their soul-shattering drudgery, all the stores put the notebooks, pens, glue and other sundries on sale for the dirt cheap prices that they really could sell stuff for all year round.

I’m not judging them for their ridiculous price gouging. If we all really wanted to eliminate those costs, we’d go digital. I usually am digital, actually. I try to stay paperless with most of my creative pursuits. I’ve even started doodling on my tablet.

I can’t stop myself from buying up all those composition books each summer, though. I won’t even use them all. Sure, I carry 4-5 notebooks on me at any given time. I jot ideas down when they come to me. Sometimes I look back at those things, too. But, really it is the buying of notebooks that gets me going.

It revs my engine.

Maybe I should start taking a patch for that. Do I have a shopping addiction? Is that what it is?


I don’t know.


But I do know that I can’t pass up the chance to buy $10 worth of composition books for $0.15 each. Seriously, who can?