What Star Wars Means To Me


Today is May Fourth.

Star Wars Day.

You’re going to see a lot about Star Wars on the internet today. You might say that it’s kind of a big deal.

Love it or Hate it, Everyone has an opinion on Star Wars.

Me, I love it.

It probably doesn’t surprise any of my readers, considering I once wrote about the Sith Code vs the Jedi Code. Hell, I’m pretty sure I’ve made obscure references to the Max Rebo band more than once.

When the subject of religion comes up, I regularly refer to myself as a Jedi.



I understand that Jedi = Space Wizard and that Star Wars is a Fantasy Movie, not a Science Fiction.

You may attempt to argue with me, but I will win…


…Because I’m right.


I owe Star Wars a lot, actually. As a storyteller, as a writer, and a geek, I should give regular thanks to Star Wars. There are concepts and ideas from the Original Trilogy that have cast a heavy shadow across all the genres I love. There are lessons in how to piss off your fan base (despite giving them exactly what they wanted) that you can learn from the prequels.

Don’t get me started on that, though. I’d enrage every nerd on the internet.


For the record, if you’re a geek on the internet with an opinion about the prequels, here is a pro-tip for you:




Star Wars has been a big part of my creative life. I mean, who doesn’t want a LASER SWORD?




Anyway, I just wanted to give props to one of the greatest film franchises in history on the eve of its slow and steady descent into horribleness at the hands of Disney.


And no, J.J. Abrams cannot save it.

I have seen the future, and it is bleak….


Happy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth Be With You.