Warning: I write Rated R Books

I write rated “R” books. I write books for the vast majority of readers over the age of 18. No, I don’t write porn. I just write books that use profanity and extremely adult humor. And I’m not apologizing for it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately worrying about whether or not my stories offend someone. Hell, Alcohologists is basically written for that sole purpose. I don’t know that I can allow myself the luxury of continuing to worry about those silly things like, “younger readers.”

I know a lot of authors talk about how important keeping it “PG-13” is. To them I say, “Fuck Balls, are you’re an idiot?”

I hate the fact that Hollywood already does this. They take an awesome movie and hack the shit out of it so that it can get that glory hole rating that will let them sell to all the teenagers. It makes a shitty product that no body enjoys. Censorship, especially self-censorship is crass, rude, domineering bullshit.

Everyone has an obligation to use their own voice. That voice needs to be a real voice. Censorship is the antithesis of Truth.


Look, I’m not against rating things. I’m not against PG-13 or G, or “If you don’t constantly drool and poop yourself this content isn’t for you.” I’m against the idea that telling yourself that you have to write PG-13, G, or baby-brain-mushing garbage because that’s how you’re successful is bullshit.


I write what I write. Then,  I put it out there.


It just so happens that what I write includes a lot of “F-bombs” and dildo jokes.


If you want to know just how “Rated R” and “Offensive” my writing is, you can check out Alcohologist Episode 1 for Free on Kobo.