#Reverb13 – The First Day

I’m aching and tired. My feet and ankles are swollen. My knees pop when I walk, which I’m trying to avoid because my body is sore. I’m pretty worn out. I’m beautifully, wonderfully worn out.

When you look back on a year in your life, you generally don’t remember the little moments. The times yous spent just sitting outside talking to a pair of munchkins about whatever little piece of pop culture they just discovered and became obsessed about. You don’t think about sitting on the stairs outside, watching the fool moon float through wispy clouds in a star-filled sky. You don’t remember the joke that had everyone at the gaming table laughing until they choked. Those are the little moments that you let slip away.

What you focus on, when you look back over the year are the big moments. The huge moments. The two day drive from Kansas City, Missouri to Helena, Montana. The bonfire filled with ridiculous confessions. The last day of an old job. The first day of a new job. You remember blizzards. You remember deaths. You remember so many big moments that you begin to think they define you.

But, its the small moments, not the big ones, that determine who you are.

So, I’m sitting in the recliner, my feet propped up and aching. I feel good. I worked hard.

So, I’m choosing to remember and look back on the little things this year.

I could tell you all about the work that’s kept me away from the blog, and I probably will do that, too. Having half a book written isn’t really an accomplishment, no matter how much NaNoWriMoing you have won. I mention it, because so many people have asked me where I’ve been. That’s where. I’m writing a book.

But, I’m also walking around in the mountains, watching football at my dad, and skyping in from the frozen north to still be at the gaming table on time. I’ve been working on the big things, like the goal of losing 100 pounds. For the record, I’m down 65 so far. I’m working on finishing a book, and it’s growing and mutating into something big for me.

But, I’m focusing on the small things. The things that make everyday keep going.