#BookReview: Soon, I Will Be Invincible!


I recently joined a book club. An evil book club.

No, seriously, it’s the Evil Book Club of Evil. The club reads one “Evil Book of Evil” per month.

August’s book is:


by Austin Grossman


<p>General Synopsis:</p>  <p>Doctor Impossible is the Smartest Man on the Planet, and soon, he will RULE THE WORLD! </p>  <p>Okay, so there are a few hurdles to cross before he gets to the Emperor’s throne. But, with his arch-nemesis, CoreFire, out of the picture there shouldn’t be anything in the way to stop him, this time!</p>  <p>On the other side of the line, the cyborg, Fatale, newest recruit to the Champions is ready to prove she belongs among the big shots of the Super Hero world. All she has to do is keep up with the pack, discover what happened to CoreFire, and maybe stop Dr. Impossible along the way.</p>  <p>But, without the awe-inspiring, seemingly endless power of their mighty leader, can the Champions actually stop Dr. Impossible, or will the evil Doctor <em>finally get his revenge!</em></p><!--more--><p>&#160;</p>  <p>I don’t want to give anything away here, so I’ll try to be as spoiler free as possible. </p>  <p>I enjoyed <u>Invincible</u>, but, on that level that you get when you’re reading any burn through paperback. Yes, the idea was different, telling a story from the POV of the villain, but the execution wasn’t all that great. The ending was, probably inevitably, predictable. Of course, Dr. Impossible does tell you exactly how the events will play out, over and over again. Any fan of comic books would see it coming from a mile away. Even the “big reveal” surprise in the end was predictable, though, and that was a bit of a let down.</p>  <p>What isn’t a let down is the characters themselves. Each character is more or less an <a href="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Expy">expy</a> of a major comic book character. If they’re not a direct import, it’s because they’re so generic in their backstory and powers that it doesn’t even matter. Still, Grossman gives us the characters behind the masks. He starts with a pretty basic set of supers and then shows us what they look like behind the scenes. Thanks to Fatale’s enhanced robot senses, we get to see that gross, pimple-popping, angst-ridden, too-human side of the super heroes. It makes up for the predictable story by giving us realistic characters, even if they can stop a bullet with their minds or throw a subway car. </p>  <p>In the end, the book is a good, quick read. I enjoyed it. I think most people who read my blog would enjoy it. </p>  <p>Like an Adam Sandler movie on a Sunday evening, <u>Soon I will Be Invincible</u> is a no-brainer form of entertainment. </p>  <p>Relax and enjoy it.