40 Days to 30

Forty days from today, I turn 30. It isn’t really a big deal. Being 30 is not really any different from being 29, but, there is a metaphorical and spiritual significance tied to it that I’m just not allowed to ignore. I think that in many ways, I’ve been postponing my real adultifying until my 30th birthday, or maybe I’ve been using it as some sort of magic talisman or omen. Either way, the time has run out on my 30-Before-30 clock.  I’ve got to start making some changes to how I live my life. I’ve got to start pretending even harder that I am a grown up. See, I’ve got friends with kids that are getting old enough to recognize me as more than just a blob that makes noises. Hell, I’ve got a niece that is almost a teenager. I think that means I have to start being respectable or something.

I don’t know.

There are things that I promised myself I would start and stop doing when I hit 30. Consider it my Quarter-life Resolution.

Yes, I do intend to live for at least 120 years.

Among other things (quit smoking, stop drawing penises on walls of random buildings with sharpies, etc.) I have put together a few lists and ideas of the ways I need to change (outwardly) to appear more adult.


I mean, I’m not sure I’m physically capable of ever truly growing up, so I’ll just keep faking it until I make it. f


Any who, over the next few days keep your eyes out for my series of posts all related to the fact that I’m going to be turning 30.



They’re pretty good.