A New Adventure


When you hit a dead end in life, it’s time to make a change. I’ve basically hit that point where I’m at right now. I’ve been putting it off for a long time, but it is definitely time to admit that I’m not in a good situation. Since there isn’t a whole lot left I can do to get myself back on the ground here, I’ve decided to go where the jobs (and my parents) are. The Big Sky Country. I’m taking off for the mountain-y-er pastures of Montana.

The plan as it sits is to head up to Helena in the next week or so and spend at least a month trying to find gainful employment. In a lot of ways, I think this move was inevitable. When my brother and I went up there in May, it started to hook its fingers into my soul. Now, a month and a half later, I’m going to accept that I need to get up there so I can get my feet back underneath me.

Part of me still insists that I don’t want to move up there, but I know that it will be a good opportunity for me to get back ahead of my life. I can’t refuse it. Sometimes, our own worst enemy is our own stubborn refusal to change. Change or Die, right, Mr. Ramsay?

I have a lot of preparing to do in a very short amount of time. I’ll try to keep the world updated.