You Are Not A Loser


I try to remind myself every day that I am not the loser that I think I am. It’s hard to stay positive when you have so many things in life knocking you down, but the only alternative is giving up. Giving up really is the end, you know. It is that moment when you choose to let everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve wanted, fall to the wayside because you’re too weak or lazy to keep going. The moment you give up is the moment you finally do become a loser. That’s what I keep telling myself. That’s the phrase I use every morning, afternoon, evening and early morning when I make the walk from wherever I passed out to my desk. Hey, I’m still going, it doesn’t necessarily mean I have a healthy lifestyle yet.

More and more, I have to remind myself. I have to keep the march on repeat in my mind. Go, Matt, keep moving.


You are NOT a Loser.

So, here I am on a Sunday afternoon. Working.

The chances of making a significant income from doing this work are pretty small. The chances of paying the bills in a timely manner are basically non-existent. Still, if I can’t find work for someone else, I might as well create work for myself. That means sitting here and writing this.

That means reminding myself that I am working. That I haven’t stopped going. That I’m not a Loser.


The economy sucks. The world sucks. The life laid out before most of us sucks. That doesn’t mean we suck. It’s hard to remember that, sometimes.

We are not the situation we live in.

We are possibilities.

I’ll see you again tomorrow.

Remember. You are NOT a Loser.