February is Over: Making Superstition Work for Me


I’d like to start by saying:

I’m not good with Februaries. I spend the entire month working anti-curse juju and trying my best not to burn down any buildings or ruin any relationships. I’ve had a dreaded fear of the month for a long time, now. I’m not sure if my fear of February is truly justified or if everything just seems more terrifying and destructive during the Groundhog month, but I know that with President’s Day comes horrible, horrible things. Maybe someday, I’ll write in-depth about my Februan Trials and Tribulations. Some of those stories might even seem farcical in hind-site.

This year I decided to embrace my ultimate destiny and purposefully made all of my bad decisions in February. I figured I could preëmpt all the terrible things that might happen and just go straight to the recovery phase. I think I did a pretty good doozy on my life.

This year I:

Seriously, if I had bothered to document the sheer number of pizza rolls I had eaten this month, I think it would be a great indicator of how far I let myself fall.

I’m pretty sure diving as hard as you can for the bottom of the barrel is an excellent strategy for long-term success.

All of that is behind me now, though.


I’m not the only blogger that will tell you that March is an awesome month. With the Scintilla Project just around the corner, I’m getting excited. Last year’s Scintilla Posts brought out some of my best writing. I really enjoyed the feeling I got from exploring some of my own stories. I think in many ways, it was one of the bigger stepping-stones that led to my decision to try this writing thing full-time.

I guess we’ll find out in a few months if I should actually be cursing it instead of praising it.

Rebirth of Boffer

March also represents the start to the boffer season. I’m really looking forward to getting out in the field with my Eldaraenth LARP friends and swinging some foam. I think this past winter was the hardest on me physically in a long time, and getting in some sword fighting should help break away the frozen cobwebs of my joints and muscles.

Boffer also has the added benefit of getting me out of my house and socializing again. I tend to hermit up when left to my own devices. When I go to events, I can replenish the batteries of human interaction that sustain me during my cave-dwelling forager months.

One Last Word About March

Though it can still snow, sleet and generally crap down late winter weather, March is generally the time of thawing in Missouri. The world starts to come alive and turn green again. By the end of March, the state has bloomed into its full beauty, but not yet crossed into the May threshold of death heat. It is the month when you can sit on a back porch in just a sweater and hang out with friends.

March is the month of celebration.

Of course, you do have to get through all that annoying basketball stuff, too…