Scribble A Word with Gesture Writing

SCRIBBLE A WORD -Learning Kindle Predictive Text

This is the first post I’ve written entirely with gesture writing on my new Kindle Fire HD. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it doesn’t handle capital letters well. I’ll let you know when I’ve fully gotten the hang it. I’m pretty happy with my purchase so far though.

Our does take a bit of a learning curve top get used to though. The more I use our the more I think I can see myself forgetting how to write normally. Honestly, I think my spelling is probably benefiting from our more than anything else.

The basic idea here is to get faster with mobile technology. I’m not claiming to be an expert… yet. I just keep writing and trying new things. I didn’t think the gesture writing would work too well for me but the more I use it the more natural or feels.I could really see using it to write a full length book, but it would be a very different experience. I’m pretty sure that I’m either adapting to our quickly, or it’s learning my natural flow as I go along.

If you don’t know what predictive text is, let me explain:

By swiping my stylus across the kindle keypad, I can snag the letters to create words. I’m basically scribbling on the lower half of my kindle and using that instead is typing to write this.

For a guy that has a serious problem with over typing and creating typos constantly, it is actually kind of nice to not worry too much about little mistakes like that. I don’t have to worry about hitting the exact letters I need either, which is great, considering I’m an infamously horrid speller.

Actually part of me is pretty sure this is the least misspelled post I’ve ever written. That is actually a little embarrassing for me, considering I’ve never used the stylus to gesture write before starting this article…

The standard isn’t that high, though.

Final Conclusion!

I don’t think I’d use this method of writing as my primary, but I think compared to using the traditional set up of the on-screen keyboard, this is preferable.

It still doesn’t beat a full-size physical keyboard, but it beats thumb typing on a touch-screen.

Give it a try!

You might decide that top never want to use normal writing again!