Unsure for 2013


Starting 2013

So, the end of 2012 went out with a big, nasty bang.  Not the fun kind of bang that you expect to see on New Year’s Eve with explosions and things like that, but more of a sad, drama filled “Season Ending Cliffhanger” kind of bang.  You know, one of those situations where everything seems up in the air and nothing will be settled until it picks up again next year?

That’s how 2012 ended for me.

Friday was meant to be my last workday for the year. Then I’d have a great 4 day weekend before starting work for 2013. Friday afternoon at 4:30 (the very end of the work day) the owners of our company pulled us into a meeting to announce that we were all officially laid off. They sold the company. The new owners will be in on the 2nd to interview us and decided if they want to hire us back, but until then, we’re all 100% officially unemployed.

So, my four day weekend wasn’t so much a nice short vacation between the extremely busy weeks of rebuilding the network and database before going back to real work, it was a condemned waiting period before finding out if I even still have a job.

It’s extremely nerve wracking.

I don’t know what my future holds, and worse, I’m not sure what I want.

I’m not sure I want them to keep me on.

I’m not sure I want to stay in Kansas City.

I’m not sure of anything at the moment.

That’s how I’m going into 2013.



We’ll see where it goes from here.