I Have Had a Bad Week


Let me start by saying this:


You would not get me to call Dell Tech support ever again if bolted me to a steel plate facing the sun in Arizona and calling Dell Tech would drop me into a pool of cold, clear water.

I would rather slowly roast to death than call Dell ever again.


Today is Wednesday, and that means at this point my server has been down at work for FIVE days. That’s five days in which the six people in the office haven’t been able to do any work.

Of course, since I’m the closest thing to an IT department we have, that all falls on my shoulders to fix.


Calling Dell Tech Support actually made it worse.

Calling Tech Support always makes it worse.


So I had my boss hire  professional. Now it’s his problem. I feel a since of elation and relief.


Of course, that’s not the only thing getting me down. Winter has hit. It was late, but it is making up for lost time. It’s supposed to snow tonight.

All of that is incredibly depressing to me. I hate being cold. It’s a damn good thing my cave home is heated by lava. (I swear that everything in the preceding sentence is true with only the tiniest sprinkling of poetic license.)

I guess the season is affecting me a little more than normal this year. I’m back on my own, truly on my own, for the first time in a very long time. I like being alone, but there are times when it sneaks up on you. It isn’t a real pain, though, and is almost immediately eradicated by just going and visiting some friends. This is all just new for me. I’m learning to accept these things instead of fear them.


Still, Dell is a vile, villainous monstrosity of inhuman diablerie. They should be treated as though they have swallowed the venom of a million army ants then concentrated it into their saliva to the level where hearing them speak stings. They are salt in an open wound. They are urine in a toilet full of chlorine bleach.  They are the scuzz that forms on the top of a fish tank when one of your fish dies while you are on vacation for a week.


I think you get my picture.


I hope.


What I’m saying is, “Dell Sucks.”