Pouring it Out – A Poem and a Picture

I decided to face today’s (actually yesterday’s; Sorry I’m behind) task with a bit of free writing. I set my little time and I let myself roll as fast as I could for a few minutes. When I was done, I had a jumble of thoughts and words, things that really just needed to be purged from my mind for a while, like a mental stomach pump. I had some poison floating around up there that needed drained out. When I started going through it to see what ideas for a  blog post I could pull out of the mess that was my brain-vomit, I started hacking away ideas from pieces of sentences, and quickly began to think like a 1950s beat poet.

So, consider this the transcript of my brain’s spoken word experiment. A Found Poem, if you will, found inside my own gibberish thoughts.


Oh, and the doodle (Entitled: GO AWAY!) is my first attempt at a special effect for sound blasts like Banshee from XMen. Sometimes I like to play with GIMP.


GO_AWAYWhite Noise

There is a lot of noise in my head.

It’s always buzzing and clacking.

It’s distracting, dangerous and dark.

No matter what I try, I can’t seem to find the volume knob.

It’s a cacophony of emotions given voice.

“You’re never…

“You’ll always…

“You can’t…

“You should have–“


It crashes and waves and washes and slams.

It twists, it bends, it heats, it tempers, it hardens.






Never Silent.



Panic and Calm.