#30DaysofThanks – Suspenders


30 Days of Thanks is a wonderful way of extending one day of Gratitude into a full month. In my opinion, we can all use a bit more gratitude. Thanks to the wonderful Amanda of Me, My Dogs, My Life, for creating it. Feel free to join us on Twitter, using the hash tag #30DaysofThanks. We can all use reminders of what is awesome in life.

I’m having a difficult time being grateful right now. I’m managing to stave off the onslaught of depression, but only because I am fighting it with everything I’ve got and set an ambush for it in a choke point on the road to my brain center. It’ll have a hard time getting through there before the re-enforcements arrive, I assure you that! Still. I need to remind myself of the good things in life, the things that I should be happy about. Doing so will help keep the ambushers going in their anti-depression guerilla warfare tactics. So. Let’s continue.


I AM A FAT KID! Perhaps I’ve mentioned this before. I am a man of rotund exuberance. I’m cool with that.


I also have NO ASS. I’m not making a joke here, my legs just stop at my back. There is no ass here. This makes my pants respond extra well to gravity. Belts do no good. They have nothing to cling to. No ass, no hips, nothing! So, I’ve begun investing in something way more awesome anyway:


Yep. I wear suspenders now. Suspenders are cool.


Also, they eliminate the permanent plumbers crack I’ve lived with my entire assless life.

Go Suspenders!