Taking a Break from Social Outrage

It seems to me that everywhere I look someone is getting pissed off about something. I know, I know, that’s some pot-and-kettle action I’ve got going on here, but I’m pretty tired of it. I get especially sick of it when it oozes forced emotion. Faking Social Outrage is the new pretending to hate Justin Bieber. All the cool kids are doing it. As a person that feeds on indignation as my primary form of sustenance, I have to tell you.


I am offering a solution. From now on, whenever you feel like you need to make a horrible statement on how much our world sucks, instead, find someone that is feeling incredibly depressed and then…

Offer them a cupcake.




Listen, Cupcakes make everyone feel better. They spread the joy and love of the world with them. No one, no one, gets upset if you offer them a cupcake. Seriously, even people who don’t like cake (like yours truly) will feel a warm gooey just because you offered them a cupcake. They don’t have to eat it, you just have to make the gesture. It’s a sign that you give a rat’s ass about your fellow man, and it’s infinitely more meaningful than any amount of bitching about something on Facebook or Twitter.

Let’s face it, people: 99% of complaints and bitching on social media is all gusto and no chutzpah.

(Thems fancy words for all talk and no balls.)

You don’t ever make the world a better place by adding negativity to it. The world is basically a crapfactory, and you can either wallow in the crap or start looking to climb out of it. You aren’t going to be able to make that climb alone, so you might as well start making friends.



What better way to make friends than with a cupcake?