Things I Never Thought I’d Do: Following a Football Player on Twitter

If you had told me as little as two months ago that I was about to find one of the geekiest, most intelligent, wittiest twitters out there, and more importantly it would be a professional football player, I’d have stabbed you in the nose with a petrified monkey. I’m going to admit, even though I have first hand experience of the kind of Jock/Geek interbreeding that exists much more often than Hollywood gives credit (LARP is full of Geek-Jocks for starters and I’ve personally played D&D with two different full-time athletes for over a decade), I am still pretty prejudiced against professional sports players in the intelligence market.

Then, I found out about Chris Kluwe.

Chris Kluwe is a punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Chris Kluwe is a professional athlete being paid over $1 million per year.

Chris Kluwe’s Twitter Handle? @ChrisWarcraft

That says a lot about him, I think. Actually, nothing on his twitter feed, other than his name, shows any semblance to a guy who wants to be known as the Punter for the Minnesota Vikings. Now, he does on occasion mention football. He even writes about football on his blog, Out of Bounds. Still, considering I’ve only seen him promote his blog once or twice, and that’s pretty much the only place he talks about being a football player at all, I don’t think it’s a priority for his reputation in the Twitterverse.

A more typical Kluwe tweet might be more like this:

Yes, It is about a video game… at least I think it is. If it’s not, then Chris Kluwe is even cooler than I thought he was…. or the Minnesota Vikings are way more hardcore in their training. I want to believe….

Also, you might notice that instead of a Viking, or a guy playing football, or even a picture of himself, Kluwe’s twitter avatar is a Gaming Miniature… specifically Lich Lord Venethrax from Warmachine.

That’s a guy that wants you to know he’s serious about his gaming. Miniatures are expensive…  You’d pretty much have to get a job like “Professional Football Player” to afford that hobby.

There is one more incredibly surprising aspect to Chris Kluwe though, one that I think more people should be aware of:

That’s right. Chris Kluwe, once again going against the stereotype is a very outspoken supporter of Gay Rights.

I mean, this guy actually spawned some serious controversy recently because he’s a Pro-Athlete who the right Mindset and Brain Juice to rip into some very prejudiced people.

In the last few weeks, he has become one of my favorite celebrity tweeters. I think you should check him out.

The only bad thing I have to say about him is that he plays for the VIKINGS!

Sorry, Chris, I can’t support you…

You understand… I’m from Kansas City.

These things have meaning here.

Anyway. If you ever find yourself playing for the Chiefs, you’ll easily become my favorite Football player.

Until then, though, you’re just some guy who doesn’t play for the Chiefs…

A Guy that’s pretty damned cool, anyway.