Wednesday Break – Podcast Hangover

The Secret to happiness in life is to buy double chcolate chips. The first set if for baking cookies, the second set is for eating while baking cookies. Remember: Double Chocolate, because let's face it... you're going to anyway.

Warning: Podcast Hangover

I’m feeling a little run down and possibly a lottle tummy aching today. I’m not sure if I should blame the fact that we finally went back to Taco Tuesday and gorged ourselves on The Brick’s tasty tacos, or if it’s because I was locked in a small chamber with my HalfDrunk Podcast partner-in-crime Yeti_Detective. He had some whiskey doubles at Taco Tuesday and there was a definite level of fumes wafting off of him for most of the evening. It’s possible that I’m second hand hung-over, but really I just feel like I could take a nap… on a toilet.

Yeah, try to get that visual out. YOU CAN’T!


Still, it’s only Wednesday (ODIN’S DAY), so the show must go on, and I must continue my metaphorical monkey dance for that sweet, sweet paycheck and pretending that eventually I’ll work on my manuscript. You know… like I do.

Enough self-indulgent, delusional whininess! Let’s jump out into the world and see what’s going on it. Maybe that will help, you know, like eating a giant sausage omelet helps cure a real hangover. It’s worth a shot, right?

Who am I kidding, I do this pretty much every morning… and afternoon… and evening… and about 10 other times throughout the day. Still, it’s fun, so let’s rock it out.

Check In on Sara Rose’s Indie-Go-Go Campaign.

It’s almost over and isn’t even half-way funded. I feel a little bit like there should be more that I can do to help make it a success. This makes me realize that I’m not just writing words on the internets to feed my narcissism, although there is obviously a certain level of self-indulgence here. I vow that should I ever become rich and famous, I will do my best to help people in tough situations, possibly by traveling the country fromSIDEBAR SIDEBAR - The use of the sidebar is a common feature in RPGs and Kevin Smith books. town to town with my sidekick/bodyguard, kung fuing bad guys and saving wedding cakes. All of this, of course, is in an effort to clear our names for crimes we didn’t commit and ear our wings back in heaven.

Wait, that went some where I didn’t intend. Also, look at that ridiculous run on sentence.

After checking out the campaign, I always click on the “She is a writer” link in the first paragraph to swing over and check in on her blog (Domestic Type). I do this, and you should, too, because she’s awesome and there is glitter and jokes, and probably some rants about witches.

There are rants about witches if you look closely enough.

If you’re reading this at the same time I’m writing it (unlikely) there is a recipe for peanut chili sauce up.

See, already her blog is 100% more beneficial than mine!

This makes me go and visit my other Scintilla Project blogs, because I use it as my personal blog roll.

Think About Commenting

It’s Matt is a horrible person time! I am almost as bad at commenting on friends blogs as I am about exercise. I know how important it is to do for the thousands of reasons that bloggers talk about endlessly, but I’m horrible at it. Every once in awhile, I’ll get a burst of energy and hit a dozen blogs and comment on all of them. It’s like the treadmill and the recumbent bike. I enjoy doing it… once a month or so.

I wouldn’t even reply to comments on my own blog if I hadn’t promised myself I would. Of course, it makes me feel even more scumbaggy because so many of my friends leave kick-ass, unreciprocated comments. 

I’m a douche-nozzle.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this

It’s almost lunch time now, and I think my hangover is starting to wear off, so… I’m not sure why I’m writing this anymore. It has honestly been about 3 hours since I started writing it. (Yeah, take that, writers, I can do roughly 220 words per hour!)

I should probably put some focus into doing that job thing. You know, the one they pay me to sit in this cubicle for.

But, In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this piece of life advice:

This is actually my go to move. Love it. LOVE ME!

If you can’t dance in a sexy way to attract the


ladies, at least dance in a way


that makes the dude’s laugh.