A Tweet-chat with the Cast and Crew of @LARPersTV!

A few months ago, I did a write up on a developing series called LARPers. At the time, LARPers was still an up and coming IndiGoGo campaign. In the time since, something wonderful happened, and LARPers is now moving forward into production! If you’re as geeky as I am, you’ve got to be excited about this. As a LARP guy myself, I’ve been pretty happy with what they’ve put out there so far, and before anything else, I think you should go and check out their website which includes some truly hilarious promo videos all throughout the blog.

While you’re there, you might want to throw them a few dollars to get access to the upcoming pilot episode. They’ve put it together a pretty nice pay-what-you-want offer, so, get in on the ground floor while you can, and help make sure this show becomes the awesome new series that it’s destined to be.

Enough pandering, though, it’s time to get to the real reason you’re all here.

The guys at LARPers have been pretty great to their fans and supporters, and they’ve continued that trend by giving me an opportunity to talk with some of the cast and crew on twitter and get some questions answered. If you are familiar with twitter, you know how chaotic it can be, so I’m doing my best to put it all together into a bit more of a cohesive conversation than it really started out. These guys are pretty cool to their fans, so if you have some more questions, ASK THEM! They’ll love to hear from you!

LARPers On Set

ME: Well, I want to start by thanking you guys for chatting today and to let you know I’m stoked for the show.

@LARPersTV:Thanks! We love talking with you, you been rallying people to our cause since the beginning.  Fire Away! We stand ready to answer your questions!

ME: I suppose the first question would be, “How much longer do we have to wait for the awesome!?”

@LARPersTV: Well we are right on the edge of filming. We should be posting pictures from set in September if we stay on schedule

ME: That rocks! So, just so everyone else knows, who all are we actually chatting with this evening?

@LARPersTV: Well we have Show Co-Creator and Director Adam Johns and Joy, Jay, Nolan, Cassie, Brigette from our cast. They make up the core ensemble we follow in the show playing Lilly, Rob, Walter, Reggie and Gwen respectively. You can follow a few of the LARPers cast at@SlyFoxLA @jaynelson25 @BrinjaNinja @kissmycassie@vinnycurran

ME: How much actual LARP experience do each of you have? From the profiles it seems like Will might be the most experienced.

@kissmycassie “I’ve been an active online RPer for more than a decade.”

@vinnycurran “My girlfriend always wants me to pretend I’m someone else when we’re doing it” #doesnotcount

ME: That’s probably something that’s happened to a lot of LARP guys.

@JayNeslon25: I’m actually very new to the LARPing but my speed and ferocity I acquired in Sports make me look like a I’m pro

@JeremyHovan: I LARP every day from the time my feet hit the floor until I crawl back into bed. Palabra a tu madre.

@LARPersTV: So as you can see we are all over the board with experience, but we are all learning more about the culture everyday

@JayNelson25: the only thing that could make our LARPing better if we played it for real real, real spells, real swords.

ME: To research the roles/culture/etc, do you try to go out and participate in the community?

@LARPersTV: When we were writing we went to events for research, but with our schedule these days we are swamped just making the show!

ME: Ok, serious question time: Cast and crew, double elimination sparring tournament, who wins?

@LARPersTV: I asked the cast and they seemed to think that the tiny but fierce @BrinjaNinja would be an edge. @JeremyHovan thinks that he with the most bodypaint wins due to slipperiness. Its worth mentioning Jeremy plays a goblin. Nolan who plays the shows lead Walter says that the cast has spell pouches, but the crew has camera cages and heavy things.

ME: Around Eldaraenth we call those “Home Depot Rules.”

@LARPersTV: @SlyFoxLA Joy says she could easy beat the 6’5″ Director and with @kissmycassie and @BrinjaNinja it would be a quick victory. Nolan wanted us to add that he thinks the casts magic would push them over the edge #truebeliever

@BrinjaNinja: I am honored! I shall protect with all my heart, and all my might. Throw them bows! If Joy and I combined our martial arts focus skills we would destroy. Unkindly.

ME: Sounds like you guys might need to have a tournament to find out! The show has been compared to The Guild by myself and a couple of other bloggers, do you guys think that’ll prove accurate?

@LARPersTV: We can only hope it will be as successful! That show is a shining example of what geek sub-culture tv should be. We have a different subject material and a different style so we’ll make a different show. we aspire to the guild’s quality

ME: The promos show us a more mockumentary style of show. Would a more accurate comparison be something like The Office?

@LARPersTV: We have a similar style in that mockumentary style, but its a whole different world than a paper company

ME: I’m guessing from the reaction that @BrinjaNinja really gets into the beat stick. What do the rest of you enjoy about #LARP?

@LARPersTV: @brinjaninja is tough no doubt!

@BrinjaNinja: Life is a video game! You have to level up. You don’t start with great armor and skills. You earn them. LARPing reminds us of that. Gives us courage back into your life. Slay a dragon and traffic isn’t so bad.

ME: What part of the show do each of you think we should all be looking forward to? Which part is your favorite?

Adam: I’m most excited about getting to work with this amazing cast. They bring so much humor to these characters and lines.

Cassie: Other than the costumes, weapons, and fighting? PSH Not excited at all…

Nolan: I get to hit a middle school bully in the face with a spell packet while protecting young future LARPers. SUPER PUMPED

@SlyFoxLA: Being able to play and create something mystical with my incredibly talented friends. Isn’t that what we all want?

ME: We’re about out of time, so last question: Any chance you’re hiring a consultant with 10 years of LARP experience?#SheepishGrin

@LARPersTV: Haha! When we get on the air we will know who to call!

ME: I’ll be waiting by the phone! And thanks again, guys!

Thanks to @LARPersTV for answering some of our questions tonight. Be Sure to check out their site: http://www.larperstvshow.com For Updates!

Don’t forget: Swing over to the @LARPersTV website (http://www.larperstvshow.com ) and get a Pre-Order for the first episode with any donation!


Thanks one more time to the guys and gals of LARPers for answering some questions and taking some time to tweet with me. I really appreciate it.