A Letter to Bryan Fischer

A Warning to My Readers:

This is not light-hearted or comical like the letter I wrote to Mitt Will Romney. In the course of writing this letter, I felt compelled to learn more and more about Bryan Fischer, his organization, and his preaching. In doing so, I became increasingly agitated and angry. The rants below are much, much more venomous than I intended.

In all honesty, I came very close to just deleting this whole thing and moving on to something less, uncomfortable, but then I remembered something important.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Dear Mr. Fischer,

I’m not sure there is much I can do to help you. You seem to be bound and determined to spread hate and evil everywhere you go. I’m beginning to think you might actually have some sort of genetic ability to spew forth acidic words like some sort of Human-Wood Ant hybrid. The truth is, I’ve never really had much to say to you before because your particular brand of hatred was so… minor… in comparison to the rest of the world, but now you’ve found some corporate sponsorship, and more importantly, you’ve found a social media cause you can get behind:

Kidnapping Children from their Parents under the guise of rescuing them from some sort of slavery.



Of course, the story of a little girl kidnapped from the loving home of one parent by the other isn’t all that new to the world. The twist in this particular story that gives you such a raging hate-boner is that the parents involved are the girls lesbian mothers.  You love a good chance to villainize those people that don’t worship at your feet, but this time, it’s pretty much a no-lose scenario for you; on the one had you can claim that the crazy baby-stealing lady was converted and saved by God, but on the other hand you can point out how homosexuals are evil and shouldn’t have children.

I see which way you decided to play it.

Of course, no one is really surprised, because, let’s face it, you’re pretty much as whack-a-doo as the come.

I mean, you’re so insane that even other crazy people want nothing to do with you.

So, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered with mentioning you here, except, I really am trying to make the world a better place by bringing all the sides together. I want everyone to gain enlightenment or something. I’m not sure, it’s a work in progress. I’m still a young Jedi.

So, I decided that I would spend some time digging through your archives and see if maybe there was something important and inspiring that I might gleam from your madness.

I was unsuccessful.


Without a doubt, you are the worst human being I’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes listening to or reading. That’s saying something, actually, because I know some really horrible people.  I mean, like, murderers, drug-dealers and internet pirates. You though, you’re just…. evil.


The evil you spread is several fold, and it grows worse the longer it exists.

Not only are you a hatemonger, you purposefully breed ignorance. In my estimate, the worse possible crime you can commit is to remove someone’s ability to choose for themselves by eliminating their access to knowledge, but you revel in the destruction of wisdom. I mean, the level of misinformation you put into every article you right is so high that it has to be purposefully malicious.  There is no way you can, yourself, be this ignorant of not only scripture but of politics and history. You’d basically have to be the least educated person in the United States to actually believe any of the garbage you write.

The of course, is your status as a tempter. You are the reason people are turning away from Christianity. You are the one that is making them afraid of people of faith. You are the one weakening spirituality in the world. Blame all the “demonic scientific research” you want, but the truth is that you, and people like you, are the reason souls turn away from religion of any form. You’re an infectious disease of hate, and people can smell it on you. The only ones that can stand to be near you are those that have already been infected.

Still, it spreads.

Finally, you want to hurt children.

Yeah, it’s come full circle, back to that.

You want to take children from their homes and brainwash them into your worshipful slaves.  It sickens me that you exist.

-M.A. Brotherton


PS: The more I’ve read your own words on your website and stumbled through your twitter timeline, the more incapable of tolerating you I’ve become.

I’m feeling a bit infected by your hatred, anger, and purposeful ignorance, and it’s left me with a slowly twisting and sickening feeling inside of myself.

So, I had set out to write you a letter, calmly explaining to you that kidnapping is wrong, and justifying it for religious reasons is wrong, and that most certainly your belief that you speak on the behalf of God is wrong. In the end, though, the anger and rage that you send out into the world caught my mind and twisted it upon itself before rebounding. In the end, what was written was not a hand reaching to help you from the darkest places, but an angry fist, ready to strike you down.

I have to apologize for that.

It is not my place to judge you.

I hope that as you read this, you’ll realize how deep the scum around you is, and maybe, just maybe, you can begin climbing back out of it.

It only takes one act of kindness, compassion, and good at a time.


p align=”left”>Good Luck.