A Glittery Day Off

CloseUpMeI was going to tell you about how disappointed I was in Missouri today, but it can wait until I’m ready to get good and liquored up and truly rant about it. That’s a bit for another time, if ever. No, today is a special day. It’s Wednesday, which means the blessings of Odin are upon us or something. Also, my friend Sara kindly asked me to put some glitter on today’s post, and caffeine, and I’m pretty much incapable of saying “no” to anyone.

Besides, I’m clearly going insane at the moment. It’s the power of my beard.

Still, I will carry on, for Odin and Glitter.

Even if it’s not particularly easy to remain jovial and humorous when then entire culture you were raised in is being burned to the ground by hate-mongering sociopaths unfit to line the bottoms of hamster cages, but “We must endeavor to persevere,” and all that.

Whatever… It’s Wednesday.

There is magic afoot…

A Moment of Quiet Self Reflection

I probably haven’t been getting enough sleep, or maybe I’ve been getting too much sleep. I’m not sure which one it is or how to determine the value of it without experimenting on my sleep patterns and I’m just too tired to deal with that. Whichever the case may be, I’ve been waking up most mornings looking something like this:



Damn, I’m even sexy when I’m all Sloth faced. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about the amount of sleep I’m getting…


Because I promised Glitter:




Be sure to check back here tomorrow for your regularly scheduled bouts of downer. I’ve got a bit more flash-fiction, and a letter to Bryan Fischer.

Oh, and if you’re really good, I might draw you something shiny, if you’re really naughty, I might show you my work on @Yeti_detective’s business card images…


But that probably won’t happen.


Trust me, you don’t want to see it anyway.