A Request for Help

I’m not good at this sort of thing…


My friend has Ovarian Cancer. You may remember a little while back that I took a moment to mention her surgery and wish her luck.

Fortunately, the surgery seems to have been good. She seems to be recovering.


Unfortunately, someone, way up in the corporate insurance food chain has decided that they don’t want to pay for something they’d already agreed to pay for, so now, my friend is in a whole new kind of danger.


We’re standing at a crossroads in the United States. I’m sure other parts of the world are able to see it, too.


It’s time to make a choice. We can either continue to watch as people that need help continue to get crushed by powers that should have been brought down long ago, or we can choose to band together and do every little bit we can to help those that need it.


I’m not asking for you to make a grand gesture to politicians.

I’m not asking you to riot in the streets.


Social change doesn’t require government approval.


If you want to start making a difference, then maybe you can start by helping my friend.


Thank you,

M.A. Brotherton